Do you use your mobile phone while on the toilet or in the bathroom?

Do you use your mobile phone while on the toilet or in the bathroom?

Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our existence. One cannot even imagine living without the phone in today's time. With the amount of time we carry our phones in our hands, it is like they have become an extension to our human body. Wherever we go, our mobile phones follow. And this thing is not limited to the youth only, people of all age groups have admitted taking their phone along everywhere. And everywhere includes loo too. Yes!

This is a very relatable fact that many people take their phones to the loo or in the bathroom. With this, there is an increasing number of cases wherein people have accidentally dropped their phones in the loo. Some have admitted while some have kept it to them, but as per a research conducted recently, a whopping 75 percent admit to using their phone while on the toilet.

Water Damage

Water and technology don't gel together. About half of the insurance claims which are done for accidental damage to the phone are due to the phone being dropped down the toilet. This is a huge problem for haphazard mobile users but the mobile insurance companies are going strong because of this negligence.

Bathroom behavior

What triggers people to take their phones to the bathroom? Technically, you are in the loo for getting yourself freshened up and certainly, mobile phones don't help you with it in any case. As per a survey, people have their own reasons, some of them being:

  • For entertainment purpose - Some people admitted taking time on their toilet seats and thus carry their phone to get themselves some doze of entertainment.

  • Addiction to social media - People love to check on their social media accounts while in the loo

  • Games - While doing their thing on the toilet seat, games come handy and who doesn't like to clear few rounds instead of sitting ideal.

  • Messaging - People have admitted doing chat and sending messages to kill time.

  • Talking - Some people shamelessly admitted talking on the phone in the loo. Relatable?


Several people have admitted to losing their phones because of sheer negligence wherein their phones slipped off their back pockets. Whatever be the case, the ultimate solution for all such mobile phones lovers who cannot miss being without their phones is to buy themselves a waterproof phone. This is the best technology advancement for people taking their phones to the loo so that in case their phones fell in the water, they can just pick it up, wipe and start doing their thing again.