Make sure you get the right deal for you with these tips

Make sure you get the right deal for you with these tips

Mobile phone contract should be chosen very wisely as it needs to be in sync with your monthly budget. One needs to balance minutes, texts and data before you make the upgrade.
/ Before you make the deal, consider the following.

4G Mobile Internet

While upgrading, go for 4G mobile internet which is five times faster in speed than 3G. Apart from being more reliable, it now covers almost 80 percent of homes which means you can go online often.

Data Allowance

While looking for a new deal, firstly self analyze how much internet you want to use on your phone. Streaming videos, movies, and games use more data in comparison to just using the internet for sending emails and browsing the internet. Also, remember that your contract needs to include enough data for increasingly advanced apps. So, keep a check on how much data you really need before you upgrade.

Type of Contract

While buying a new deal, you may come across three types of contract if you wish to get the best deal. These are: pay monthly, SIM only and flexible leasing.

Pay Monthly

In this type of contract, you will pay a set amount each month and get a phone, minutes, texts and internet data included. These contracts are a cost-effective way of owning the latest phones and provide you with excellent value for money. In these contracts, you pay the cost of your phone over a span of 24 months thus making them more affordable.

SIM Only

In this contract, you get minutes, texts and data included but no phone. These deals run for one month and need to be renewed each month until they are canceled. They are also available for 6, 12 months wherein you pay a little less as you are tied into a fixed term. If you already own a phone and waiting for a new launch, then this deal is just perfect for you.

Flexible Leasing

This contract is perfect for getting hands on the latest smartphones. Through fixed monthly rental payments, you get the latest technology, and might also be able to switch to the latest device after 24 months. All the smartphones attached to Flexible Leasing are unlocked, so you can attach them whichever network you like.


Based upon your needs viz. good camera, battery life, powerful processor, storage etc you can choose the phone of your dreams depending upon your budget.

Price is one of the most crucial factors. When you buy a new contract, one can keep a check on the monthly bills and also get better value at the same time since most new contracts will include more minutes, texts and data than your old one. Also, chances of getting freebies like free mobile TV or music downloads is an added advantage.
Thus, look closely on these factors and grab the best deal.

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