How is Google Pixel 7& buy Cheapest Deal

How is Google Pixel 7& buy Cheapest Deal

Looking for the best Android phone available in the market, then your search is over, as Google Pixel 7 fits right up the alley.

After the previous 6 series Google Pixel 7 is refinement of the same. The design aesthetics of the handset is visually striking as camera bar now blends in seamlessly with the aluminum casing. This in turn provides a premium look as well as feel to the phone.

In terms of color, Google Pixel 7 is available in 3 solid colors: Lemongrass(green), Snow(white) and Obsidian(black).

What about the display of Google Pixel 7?

Google Pixel 7 is a curved, lightweight and easy-to-hold phone that is installed with sharp-edged screen. The flat 6.6inch OLED display is now upgraded to be bright enough to make it visible in sunny outdoors.

How good is the Google Pixel 7 sensor?

Google has come up with its second generation of sensor, Tensor G2, capable of performing all smartphone operations seamlessly. Play your favorite games, surf the internet or log onto your social networking sites without a hitch.

How good the camera of Google Pixel 7?

As expected, Google lives up to its name with consistently great pictures. The 50MP upgraded Ultra-Wide main camera with zoom lens and 10.8MP selfie camera produce brilliant images to keep your memories forever young and crisp.

Now with Tensor G2 as an aid, the night light photography is equally exciting as the camera works seamlessly faster and the shots produced are superb containing low noise, accuracy and white balance.

Without over sharpening the pictures, the photos clicked have good dynamic range and punchier colors. Another add-on is 2x zoom lens that is quite good compared to the competitive smartphones in the market.

The selfies captured by the Google Pixel 7 strikes a balance by smoothening and lightening your skin giving you that flawless finished pictures.

Let’s address the fun part of shooting with Google Pixel 7, the camera is powered by Google’s Al-Wizardry that provides you access to exciting shooting modes. Another feature talked about this year; Photo Unblur. After analyzing the blurred or out of focus pictures Google basically applies a fix. This feature will even work for photos that are old and are clicked with some other phone.

Applying an artificial bokeh all-around the subject in focus, the Cinematic Mode for video shooting has a remarkable edge detection. Video quality is quite good with strong audio isolation and great dynamic range.

Is the Google Pixel 7 software any good?

Google Pixel 7 is installed with Android 13, the revamped version of its predecessor. The new search interface behaves quite intelligently. The new installed apps won’t send any notification without permission. The feature that lets you identify the music that is playing near you, is quite remarkable and adored by the music lovers.

However, the most amazing feature is voice dictation, that is almost always on point.

Google pixel 7 software surely makes your smartphone easier to handle.

Google Pixel 7: Should you buy or not?

Unarguably the most polished and smartest phone in the market Google Pixel 7 is definitely a bargain in relation to the competitive smartphones are asking for similar features.

Where to buy chepest Google Pixel 7

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