Make the right choice with our smartphone buying guide

Thinking of giving a smartphone as a gift? But don't know which one to choose? Which company's phone shall I buy?, Android or iOS? Budget or Expensive Phone the list of questions is way too long.

Buying a Phone for the gift can be a very tedious task as you don't know whether the other person will like it or not. Making the right choice by thoroughly analyzing the needs of the person is very crucial otherwise you will end up spending the money and the other person won't be too delighted with the gift; which obviously, nobody wants.

But it's not that difficult either. One can genuinely gift a smartphone which the other person also likes by carefully studying the smartphone buying guide given below.

Remember that surprise can also be a Shock!

It is always better to have a word with the person you are buying the phone to avoid the risk of spoiling the big surprise. Instead of thinking about the critical questions like whether they own a phone they like, do they need an upgrade, are they satisfied with the network etc., discuss frankly your gift buying plan and get the facts in hand.

The next step shall be to think about the kind of phone contract to take.

While buying a mobile phone, three choices are usually given viz. : pay monthly, pay-as-you-go or SIM-free.

Pay monthly contract

This allows you to choose the phone and the network you want. One doesn't need to pay for the phone right away as monthly costs get spread over the span of the contract. It also includes line rentals along with a monthly allowance of minutes, data and texts. view the free gifts with contract phones and get the best contract

Pay-as-you-go phones

In this, you will pay the full cost of the phone upfront and choose a suitable network. The phone owner pre-pays for their minutes, data and texts. There is no monthly paid contract in this.

SIM free phones

In this, you pay the full cost of the phone upfront. Herein, you don't choose a network or commit to a contract. The person who will use the phone can take the network of his choice and pay the ongoing expenses thereafter.

Choosing a network

If one goes for the pay monthly or SIM free phone, then you will need to choose the network. If the person to whom you will be gifting the phone is happy with the network he is currently using, then it would be an easy decision. Otherwise, choose a network wisely.

Choosing the phone

Choosing a phone is best done by asking the person for whom you are buying the phone. Otherwise, if you got to make a choice then think of the factors like operating system, network, battery life, camera, etc before buying. Research the market and thoroughly study its features and specifications based on the needs of the person so as to ensure that you make the best buy.

All the best! Happy Shopping.