New iPhone 10 loses the home button and the fingerprint scanner on it

New iPhone 10 loses the home button and the fingerprint scanner on it

Brace yourselves for the most awaited smartphone ever. While Apple has been known for mindboggling technology in its handsets, the iPhone 10 seems to be something that surpasses all expectations.

With the official release slated for November 3 rd 2017, this device was announced very shortly after the latest iPhone 8. It is one of the most expensive devices released by Apple yet. Priced at $999 in the USA and $999 in the UK, this device packs in a lot of firsts in terms of technology and design. For those who are concerned about the supply chain issues faced by all new iPhones, you can pre order your handset from 27th October.

Design details

This device is certainly one of its kind in terms of design. For starters, it has a glass panel both in the front and on the back. One may argue that this is already a feature on the iPhone 8. However, the removal of the Home screen button changes everything. The screen is now larger and measures a massive 5.8 inches. Some space is taken by the slot for face recognition and the front camera. You do not have to worry about the glass shattering or cracking as this is the toughest glass used on smartphones, as claimed by the makers.

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Besides that you have an infinity OLED screen. This is the first time this screen has been used in an Apple handset. It offers great resolution, which is also the highest yet, at 2346X1125 pixels. Sharper pictures, deeper colors and amazing clarity is something that you can experience with this device.

Outstanding performance

The one thing that everyone is talking about is the face recognition technology. But, there is a lot more to the technological improvements that you will see with the iPhone X. The hexa core processor for starters is a great step towards improving performance. There are four cores dedicated to efficiency and two dedicated to performance. This, combine with the A11 chipset makes the device perform 25% faster than any of its predecessors.

You have a brand new performance controller that makes multi-tasking 85% more efficient. The device is rumored to have a 3GB RAM. As for storage, you have two options, namely 64 GB and 256 GB. With great cloud storage options the former should be good enough for most users. If you want more internal storage, however, the device will cost you about $150 more.

Another new technological addition in this device is wireless charging. This is also a first for the iPhone X. It is compatible with any Qi charger. If you are wondering why Apple decided to have the glass panel on the back, this technology is the reason. The glass panel aids wireless charging. Apple also has their own charging pad, the Airpower.

Wireless charging is unpopular for being too slow. However, you do not have to worry as Apple has though of everything for you. The fast charging option on the device will get you 50% of the battery capacity back after just 30 minutes of charging. What is not certain is the battery capacity of the device.

Brilliant Camera

The 12 MP sensor may seem outdated. However, the iPhone X packs in several features that guarantee more stunning images. You have features like faster Image Processing Sensors which means that you can capture better low light images. The camera is packed with a range of new filters that make the colors more accurate and sharp. Optical Image Stabilization and Portrait mode is available as usual with the camera.

You cannot forget the ARKit that comes with this device. Now, you can enjoy a whole range of Augmented Reality related games and applications. Remember Pokemon GO? That is just the beginning of AR technology and there is so much more to explore with this device.

Video recording is better than ever before. You can enjoy 4K recording at 60 frames per second. What is even better is the slow motion capture at 240 frames per second.

Undoubtedly, the iPhone X is worth the upgrade if you are a technology buff. The device is stylish, powerful and well worth the anticipation surrounding it.