The iPhone 8 comes with a lot of promises made by Apple

The iPhone 8 comes with a lot of promises made by Apple

It is finally here. The most awaited iPhone 8 is all set to hit the stores this September. You can pre-book your brand new iPhone starting the 15th of September and can find it in stores from the week after.

The iPhone 8 comes with a lot of promises made by Apple. Several firsts and several states of the art features are something that every iPhone lover is looking forward to.

Great design, great appeal

While the iPhone 8 is strikingly similar to its predecessors, there are minute but significant design changes. To begin with, the aluminum body comes with glass even on the back. This glass is being claimed as the strongest glass that has ever been used in smartphones. So, you no longer have to worry about your device shattering into pieces with just one fall.

As for the screen, it comes with two options. You have a smaller version at 4.7 inches that offers great display features. It comes with a Retina HD display that promises great clarity and impeccable sharpness.

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Some old features like the Touch ID and home screen button have been retained. However, you do not have the facial recognition feature with this device anymore.

There are three color options, namely gold, space gray and silver. The device is also fully water proof and dust proof.

Brand new camera features

The iPhone 8 comes with the regular 12 MP sensor rear camera. However, there have been many modifications in the camera apps that make this device very attractive for those who love to click pictures. Optical image stabilization is one feature that you will still find. Besides that, you have loads of color filters and lighting manipulation options that will give you clear images and great quality. The sensor is also a lot more powerful than the predecessors.

As for video recording, the slow-motion option is worth a mention. You can record at 1080 p. You have a 240 frame per second option which is a lot more than the predecessors, double to be precise.

Power packed performance

The new iPhone 8 functions on the iOS 11 operating system. This OS comes with interesting options like animated emojis and AR games and applications. Performance is boosted thanks to the six core 64 but A 11 bionic processor. This means that your device runs a lot faster than an A10 CPU. Features include more language detection options with Siri and also a new Control Center Menu. You also have two memory capacity options with the iPhone 8. One device comes with a 64GB storage option while the other one comes with a 256 GB storage options. Prices will differ based on the device that you choose for yourself.

The iPhone 8 is starts at $669 in the US, $699 in the UK and at AU$1074 in Australia. This is a significant price increase in comparison to the preceding models. However, for a true iPhone lover, this is quite reasonable.