iPhone X Future of Smartphones

The iPhone X is one of the biggest global announcements made this year by Apple. Released shortly after the iPhone 8. This device is claimed to be the "future of smartphones" by Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

It does cost one a small fortune, but the massive upgrades and changes may make it well worth it for Apple lovers. The price starts at $999 in the USA and $999 in the UK. The official release date for the device is November 3rd 2017 but you can pre-order your new iPhone X from the 27th of October.

Design changes

Since the release of the iPhone 6 in the year 2015, this is one of the most drastic changes in design. The most noticeable one is the removal of the home button. Now, all you have to do is make a quick swipe on the bottom of your screen to go to the Home screen.

This design change has, obviously, increase the screen size which now stands at a massive 5.8 inches. You have a small section dedicated to facial recognition that resembles a mono-brow and a slot of the front camera.

The front and rear glass panel makes it one of the most beautiful devices created by Apple till date. This glass is said to be the toughest one used in the construction of a smartphone.

This is the first OLED screen that is more efficient and has deeper blacks. This screen has the highest resolution that measures at 2346X1125 pixels. This means better movie viewing, gaming etc.

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Massively powerful

The A11 bionic chip is powered by six cores- two that are high performance and two that are high efficiency. You have a second generation performance controller that speeds up multitasking by 70%. There is no clarity on the RAM on the device and rumors say that the iPhone X houses a 3GB RAM.

As for storage, you have two options- 64GB and 256 GB. The latter is about $150 more expensive than the former.

Best camera till date

While the 12 megapixel sensor has been retained, you have a camera that has the ability to take better, clearer pictures than ever before. Larger pixels and a faster Image Signal Processor mean that you can get up to 83% better images in low light. You have the option of Optical Image Stabilization, a portrait mode and optical zoom with this camera.

The new color filters give you deeper and more accurate colors in your images. As for the front camera, it has a dual purpose. It allows you to unlock your phone with just a quick glance at it. You can also take great portraits with impressive background blur options. For those who are concerned about facial recognition, this technology also works in the dark.

The most important addition is the ARKit that makes Augmented Reality a possibility now. You can enjoy a range of AR games and apps with the iPhone X. This will allow you to carry out tasks like decorating your home by checking how each piece of furniture fits, for instance.

You have the option of 4K video recording at 60frames per second. The HD slow-motion capture with 240 frames per second is another feature that this device boasts of.

Wireless charging technology

The rear glass panel has more functions than just improving the looks of the device. It has been strategically used to allow wireless charging on the iPhone X. You can use any Qi charger that you have. You have the Airpower charger that is Apple's own charging device. Wireless charging is slower than cable charging by almost half the speed.

However, Apple solves even this issue with a fast charging option. This means that with just 30 minutes of charging your phone, you can get about 50% of the batter life back. So, if you are in a hurry, you can still make the most of the wireless charging feature. There is not clarity in terms of the battery life of the device. However, users hope that it can match the massive capacity of the iPhone7 Plus.

From being the most expensive to the most high tech devices, the iPhone X is undoubtedly the most awaited handset released by Apple.