What Happens When Your Phone Contract Ends?

What Happens When Your Phone Contract Ends?

A good phone contract is a necessary expense for us. And if you are on a budget, then choosing the right phone contract becomes highly important. Nobody wants to pay more. Sticking with the same mobile contract might be the right thing to do, but there is certainly no harm in exploring for more options. With many operators giving out the best of deals and contracts in the competitive market, getting a new contract is easy.

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

It is to be noted that usually you are not required to sign a new contract, and most mobile operators won't even inform you that the contract is up. If you do nothing, you will keep getting the service at the same amount each month. This is called 'rolling over'. But the downside of this is that you end up paying too much or not getting the service which you want. Thus it is highly recommended to look for other options in the market as well.

Staying With Your Existing Provider

If your stay with your existing provider and re-sign a contract with them, you will have two options:

Upgrade Your Phone

This is usually the most expensive option as it binds you into another 12 or 24-month contract wherein you might end up paying the same, or more per month.

Keep Your Existing Phone and Change Tariff

If you don't wish to change the handset, then your network will allow you to change or downgrade the plan. It can be either re-signing another 12 or 24-month deal or taking out a rolling 30 day SIM only plan. This option will certainly save you some bucks as you are no longer paying for the subsidized handset.

The Cons of Stay With Your Provider

However, sticking to your provider is not a very delightful option as you will be restricting yourself to the perimeter of the operator, while you may get a better deal and package in a lesser amount or extra services and free gifts from another operator.

Moving To a New Provider

If your contract is almost up and you want to move then follow the below-given things:

Compare deals elsewhere

It is always better to do the research and compare mobile phones deals to see what offers are there on the handset which you are seeking.

Cancel Your Contract

If you have decided to switch to a new provider, then inform your current provider to cancel their services.

Get Your PAC Code

Once canceled, ask for the PAC code if you wish to continue with your current mobile number even with another operator. You'll then need to sign up with a new operator and give them your PAC code.

So How Do I Decide?

If you are done with your contract, then it is time to decide your calling plan needs, check out on the competing operators and the deals they offer. Ask your family and friends about their operators before you sign a new contract.

It is important to note that, your current operator might not want to lose you and may be ready to provide you with the competitive services at a lesser price, so before making the plunge you can have a word with the customer service provider.