Free Sony PS4 with contract phone

Free Sony PS4 with Contract Phone

With a lot more power than the AMD 8 core processor in its predecessor, here is a gaming console that puts speed and convenience first. Packed with some of the latest features, the Sony Play Station 4 is what every gaming fan could dream of! This new game box is designed to give you a gaming experience that is fast, easy to share and easy to access.

Free Sony PS4 with Contract Phones

Play while you download
Now, you can begin to play your game before it even downloads. Get cracking on the gameplay as the rest of the game downloads in the background. This feature saves you a lot of time and lets you enjoy the game box as soon as you get your hands on it.

Powerful controller
The latest Dualshock 4 controller makes your gaming experience so much more advanced. The vibrations have been amped up to make it seem more realistic and intense. You also have a headset jack along with a built-in speaker to help you connect with your friends as you play. The added Touchpad on the new PS4 makes it more convenient to gesture, to draw and use signs and symbols as you play.

Unrestricted social gaming
You can share a game easily with your friends now as there is no restriction on how many disc copies you make of a certain game. So, whether you want your gaming buddy to enjoy a game with you or whether you want to take it to a friend's place, you can do it without any hassles. So, if you have a high score that you want to boast about, you can do it now!

The Remote play feature makes it so much easier to share your game with friends. Show them one particular part of the gameplay or replay an exciting portion of your game. You can also have a live broadcast with Ustream to get your gaming circle involved.

Social Gaming - What's more, you have access to a Facebook share button as well. This is certainly a new level of social gaming.
Get access to some of the most impressive game titles with the Sony PlayStation4. High-class entertainment is guaranteed with this console.
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How to Get Free PS4 with contract phones There are a lot of UK mobile phone retailers offer freebies and you can get absolutely free ps4 with contract phone at the minimum line rental (24 months contract) at GBP 15 to GBP 18.