Contract Phones with Free iPads Offers

Free iPad with Contract Mobile Phones
There's a much simpler way of acquiring an Apple iPad, instead of spending a bomb on it, even if you can't afford to buy one. There is the very tantalizing possibility of actually getting a free iPad with mobile phones, through a plethora of deals around based around the purchase of a mobile phone. In fact, you can even win a free iPad 2 with contract phones. There are several mobile phone and free iPad deals which will save you a ton of money that you might spend on getting the Apple iPad.

How can I get a free Apple iPad?
Free iPad plus mobile phone deals usually cost around 35 pounds per month, and last for a total of two years, which means that the total cost comes to 840 pounds. These deals include a free 32 GB wi-fi iPad, the retail value of which is 510 pounds, along with a free low end Nokia handset. Without the value of the iPad, you will be left will the total cost of the mobile phone section of the deal, which would be around 330 pounds, and that comes to around 14 pounds each month.

Along with this, these deals also include the provision of a free mobile phone, which isn't usually a smart phone, but usually a mid-range handset. Users are also provided with more than 1,000 minutes of talk time, at least 500 texts each month, as well as a monthly allowance for using the facility of mobile internet, which is usually around 1 GB.Such deals bought without the option of the iPad would cost around 20 to 25 pounds a month, so paying 35 pounds, out of which half accounts for the actual phone package, is great value for the consumer.

These deals make great financial sense if you want to pass the iPad on as a gift, or even if you need a good mobile phone deal for someone in the family. The best part of it is that you get not only a mobile phone with the deal, but also the iPad, which is an excellent gadget.