Microsoft Windows Mobiles

In the fast moving world of rat race and competition man is challenged to accomplish more and more work at a given time at a faster pace. To face this challenge either one has to hung their laptops on their neck or remain a looser. Today Windows mobile phone solves this dilemma and gives an alternative to handle the pressures and commitments.

Now what is Windows Mobile?
Well as the name suggests it's a mobile phone which has an operating system of Microsoft in it. It is also known as smart phones or pocket PC.However there is a slight difference between them. Smart phone is a broad term and Microsoft use of the term entails some specific hardware inputs which are not there in pocket PC. Microsoft window phones originally designed without touch screens. Today we have a variety of touch phones as well as key pad phones.

Apart of the most basic feature of all the mobile phones, i.e. making and receiving phone calls and messages, other features of the Window Mobile Phones are given discussed messages:

>> As the name suggests the most obvious aspect of the Windows mobile phone is the application of Microsoft Office in mobile.
>> Simplified User Interface that enables the users to accomplish the task at a faster pace.
>> File Browsing made easy.
>> Music for life-It has inbuilt Microsoft media player that helps to shuffle the files and change the music.
>> Ideal for Business man and professional as the data gets automatically synchronised.
>> Caller ID with a Photograph.
>> Picture Display and Video Calling facility.
>> Bluetooth support.
>> QWERTY keyboards and Video calling.
>> Greater Storage capacity of RAM.
>> Unbeatable battery strength due to persistent storage capacity.
>> Smart Filters to search within a particular programme.
>> Microsoft SQL server and .NET framework support.

Some of the additional benefits of this windows mobile phone-includes customer's access to the home entertainment portfolios of Microsoft such as Zune@ LIVE@ etc; user friendly approach adding a touch of class. Overall, it's a boon to the tech savvy, professionals, business man, and social net workers as well as music freaks and movie buffs.

In short today's windows mobile phone opens a new window, a new dimension of Mobile technology and backed by Microsoft its sustainability and durability could never be questioned. Long live Windows 10 the last upgraded version of windows mobile.